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EMDR Therapy Gains Celebrity Exposure

– from EMDRIA

People reports that actress Evan Rachel Wood shared a tear-stained photo on her Instagram in 2019 with the caption “I just started #EMDR. It’s a kind of trauma therapy, and I must say, it is absolutely fantastic. Crying has never felt so good.”

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These High-Tech Health and Beauty Gadgets Are Upgrading Hollywood’s Wellness Routines

Bose, whose clients also include Jon Favreau, partners with stress and wellness coach Diane D’Amore, who uses treatments such as pulsed high-intensity infrared light combined with neurofeedback. “We re-hack the body and the brain with cutting-edge technology to help people function better.”

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Here’s When We Hit Our Physical and Mental Peaks
By Clare Ansberry, The Wall Street Journal

Another finding from the athlete study: Peak performance ages for elite athletes are increasing. 

Athletes are competing longer, due in part to advances in training, equipment and sports science. 


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