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Bari Berkowitz


Bari uses methods like IFS and PIT to help couples and families overcome blocks in their relationships and rewire authentic connection. 

Get 'un-stuck' and move into a new, more fulfilling chapter of your life.

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Bari has been helping clients achieve more authentic relationships with themselves for over 20 years. With several degrees in the field of Psychotherapy, Bari is able to draw on her understanding of the complex interplay between the heart and the mind. She specializes in issues that women face today, including relationships and dating, codependency, burnout, self-esteem, identity, parenting, and careers.

Bari understands the unique demands and challenges that women face. Earning her degrees while raising three young children embedded a sense of compassion and resilience that is essential in her work.

Her extensive professional experience includes working in preeminent treatment facilities such as Hazelden Betty Ford Center and The Meadows in Malibu. Licensed in California and Michigan, she has a private practice in both states and runs quarterly women's retreats as well.

Bari received her bachelor's degree in psychology and her master's degree in Clinical and Humanistic Psychology from the Michigan School of Psychology. She holds a post-Master's specialization in Couples and Family Counseling from Oakland University and is trained in CBT, EMDR, PIT, IFS, and restorative yoga and meditation.

Change happens in stages. If you are here, you realize that change is necessary, but you may feel stuck between knowing and doing. As your coach, Bari will help you get ‘unstuck’ and move into a new, more fulfilling chapter of your life.

Bari creates direction during times of transition when a clear path forward seems the most hidden. Whether you desire a shift in your career, relationships, or even in parenting, Bari will hold up a mirror to your life and help identify what’s no longer working.

Starting with awareness, she guides you towards clarity and ultimately making lasting changes that will allow the best version of yourself to emerge.

"Change happens in stages. My role is to help clients move through transitions in a supportive way. I help others see blindspots to create healthier habits and relationships."

Her style is honest and straightforward. She provides life-changing tools and resources that can transform non-productive habits into new and healthier responses. You can expect the coaching relationship to be supportive yet focused on solutions. With Bari as your coach, you will get the support you need, the space you deserve, and the plan of action that will put you on the path to purpose.

What is IFS?

What is PIT?

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