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Dr. Adrienne Loth


Dr. Adrienne Loth is a psychotherapist and clinical sexologist who has dedicated her career to empowering clients on their mental health journey.

She founded WellEvidenced to provide exclusive, premier services for those seeking to transform their body and mind to operate at peak performance, live at full vitality, and cultivate compassion for themselves and others.

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Adrienne earned her Ph.D. in Clinical Sexology after completing research at the Modern Sex Therapy Institutes. Her study, “The Influence of Social Media on Human Relationships and Mating Patterns: Qualitative Meta-Stynthesis Study” (Loth, 2022), can be viewed below.

She is also an AASECT credentialed Sex Therapist, clinical sexologist, licensed marriage and family therapist, certified sex therapist, and certified clinical supervisor. In addition, she is a certified personality disorder treatment provider and DBT skills trained.

Adrienne received her Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University. Before that, she completed her pre-med work at UCLA, doing research studies in Neuroscience and Health Psychology.

Dr. Adrienne resides in Paris, France. Her passions include global travel and cultural immersion, literature and book clubs, the arts, fashion, surfing, skiing, mental health advocacy, and mentoring. She is co-host of “Beauty Tips & Freudian Slips,” a hilarious and insightful podcast that explores the intersection of mental health, beauty, and relational topics.

Her clinical experience, background in health psychology research at UCLA, and personal experience with physical trauma and healing inspired the vision for WellEvidenced. She saw the relationship between psychology and physiology and the interconnectedness of mental and physical wellness. Transformation occurs not by addressing psychological and physical health as isolated systems but by integrating them with functional nutrition and neurological and emotional processes.

As a coach, Dr. Adrienne has helped her clients through every hurdle life can offer. She guides industry leaders and high-profile individuals to achieve levels of success previously unimaginable.

Her professional career and extensive lived experiences inform her swift approach to guiding others to overcome blocks and break through barriers.

"I have seen people overcome the impossible. To see someone experience great joy and acceptance after intense struggle is what inspires me every day."

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