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Dr. Colleen Kelly

Relationship Coach & Executive Coach

With empathy and focused strategy, Dr. Colleen Kelly guides clients to unlock their potential and navigate complex challenges in personal and professional spheres.

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Executive Coaching

As an Executive Coach, Colleen Kelly is known for creating connections that lead to growth, scale, and optimized success. She brings clarity and confidence, building the frameworks that bring vision to reality.

Her work with entrepreneurs, executives, CEOs, and organizations is defined by a strategic focus on developing actionable plans to achieve specific goals, enhance leadership skills, and resolve organizational issues that impede growth.

  • Executives, Leaders & Entrepreneurs: Enhance decision-making, strategic planning, team management, and product launches.

  • Organizational Strategy: Streamline operations, facilitate innovation, and drive growth for businesses, government agencies, and organizations.

  • Personalized Executive Coaching: Unlock your true potential and evolve into the ultimate version of yourself as a visionary and a leader.

  • Technology Startups: Propel your venture into the future with strategic insights, adaptive leadership skills, and effective team dynamics.

About Colleen

Dr. Colleen Kelly is a seasoned therapist and coach. She has partnered with clinicians, treatment centers, educators, social justice advocates, and digital companies over the course of her 30-year career.

With decades of vast professional and lived experience, Dr. Colleen Kelly has walked hand in hand and come face to face with nearly the full spectrum of human experience. This has endowed her with empathy and the tools necessary to overcome blocks and challenges in our way.

She is the Director of International Marketing and Technology Development for StartAgain Associates in collaboration with Haptic, the maker of an advanced tech EMDR shoe.

Intensive coaching sessions are designed to target specific goals for couples and families in a condensed timeframe. 

Colleen also specializes in practical and compassionate guidance for those on their path to sobriety. Her direct approach is deeply rooted in real-world experience and equips individuals with the tools and strategies needed for sustainable recovery and a fulfilling life post-addiction.

Relationship Coaching

Colleen works with individuals and couples on  

  • Couples Coaching: Strengthen bonds, improve communication, learn skills for conflict management and resolution.

  • Coaching Intensives: Target areas of improvement for couples and close relationships.

  • Recovery Journey: Strategies for maintaining sobriety and optimizing relationships

Colleen is currently based in Paris, France, with offices in London, Dundalk, Ireland, and Santa Monica, California. With the utmost regard for the needs of her clients, she is able to meet with you virtually from anywhere in the world.

With a career spanning over three decades, Colleen Kelly is an experienced Coach with a dynamic focus on transformative change. Specializing in high-conflict couples, relationships, and Executive Coaching, she helps clients bridge communication gaps and discover paths toward growth and understanding in personal and professional realms. Experience the power of Intensive Coaching tailored for high-achieving individuals, couples, and organizations.

Informed by her extensive background and training as a therapist, Colleen incorporates her years of experience utilizing modalities like EMDR to help clients break through barriers. Her deep knowledge of attachment science provides a framework that allows clients to break through behavior patterns.

Colleen's expertise lies in creating safe, supportive spaces where open communication is encouraged and nurtured. She confidently guides her clients through high-conflict situations with mastery.

"Greatness is innate in us all, but our potential can be buried under layers of doubt, fear, or the unknown. When we awaken to these extraordinary possibilities, we begin to live life as we should, brimming with potential and purpose."

Individual & Couple's Coaching

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